29 noviembre 2014

Youtube makes money in September 2015

After completion of the Saga YouTube Missile, is to thank everyone for as host version, this time come to stop this new Trilogy Delivery Free Youtube Advanced version, where you'll win real money with new techniques very little used

What Do You Need
YouTube Channel (Football)
Profile and Fanpage (Sexy)
Register CPA (Adtual-Adjal)
Video Editor (CamtasiaStudio8)

Step 1
Created a YouTube channel
With a Gmail account you can create the channels you want, create a main channel and after that create a secondary channel as you show above

We take the secondary channel we verify you got the cover of football and a nice sexy girl for the avatar of the channel.
Your channel should stay well

Step 2
Creating a Facebook profile and Fanpage
Ya know how to create and verify a profile of Facebook, I'll show you a technique that Google does not detect the profile image for this reason that our profiles are they ban or give them very little life, look at this example if you take a picture of a girl Google looks as detected in the image thus leaving several profiles or image appears on several websites

Drag the Google Image Search

Technique Profile Photos and Photo Album
The first is to find a video on Youtube "sexy web cam girls" so stop playing the video and take several screenshots

Usually you have several images for the profile and frees us from an early ban. Do not leave the video because they get excited and lose the essence of the tutorial, if you want what happened Yo! stay in love with she
Testing the image in Google Image Search

Only cloned videos were found but none of profiles so no problem to use and will be a picture of unique profile in the eyes of facebook, ready now you get to take and create a profile with one of these virgin pictures, but only the Technical it will

Creating Fanpage
The call Fanpage because hoard Indirect Heaters and Gamers boys and is where later put our offers Games, images of sexy girls and games are merged. If you do not understand groggy left off with the girl upstairs.
the Fanpage should fit well, you were using names of compound words never use name brands

Make Money with CPA-PPD-PPI
para esta technique will use the CPA Offers, esta Adtual of "World of Tanks"
You can use it gustes The only took esta As EXAMPLE

Since taking the offer you will be tuned to the football games of the date I recommend the Most Important games, looking calendars matches, instantly runs out haras find a summary of goals, this part and explained sometime in the Forum.

Offer list the intended look and capture a short video with a lot CamtasiaStudio games lend themselves to this art for their landing Animated

Editing CamtasiStudio must be quick editing and uploading (for this you must know the basics)
As you will see in the image are two videos one goals and another one Advertise free him
we will bring YouTube, Google Adwords style version

Upload the video to Youtube
Looking good tags and paste in the video description and internal Tags

Your video will remain so

There is only your imagination, create a landing where you will use external links which you can easily leave the video of the well hidden Offer, that when they click the video advertising the offer is redirected to your landing bridge that will be ready for percent traffic on game day

Annotations with External links
YouTube has a function that allows us to link to a different website YouTube, this function once activated offers many advantages

The activation function associated website the only option is to check
If disabled activate it, continuing with these simple steps

verification link website selected HTML tag
On your website you can easily be a blogger template you put the well

We keep staff and verified, the site appears ready

Click Continue Note Annotations then encuadras whole video advertising without writing anything just the link to your landing were left

Now we can put our external link to be redirected to our site where we have banners of supply

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Login and your account will be credited with 300 Coins

Win coins with different actions, view videos, likes to fanpage, videos etc like

ATTENTION! I will be delivering Bonds to All who wish will be 7,800 Coins for your social actions, not even when bonds are active but I saved time to get many points.
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YouTube Tecnica Black Hat Attack, will be few free copies of this Technical Do not miss it.
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