28 noviembre 2014

Moom 3.2 Full Cracked For Mac

Moom v3.2 final version is a reliable and advanced tool used to easily zoom and move indows with your mouse or keyboard. Zoom Mac windows using your mouse or press defined keyboard keys and move windows left, right, top and bottom.
  --->Moom 3.2 Features<--- 
- You can undo any Moom action by simply dragging a window away from its moved and zoomed location.
- Revert to Original Dimensions.
- Move and Zoom to Top Half.
- Move and Zoom to Full Screen.
- Move and Zoom to Right Half.
- Move and Zoom to Bottom Half.
- Move and Zoom to Left Half.
- A preview shape appears when dragging, so you know exactly what you'll get when you release the mouse button.
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- Each edge (full screen, half screen) and corner (full screen, quarter screen) can have a distinct action, and you're in control over the delay before the action occurs.
  --->How to Install Moom 3.2<--- 
 Step 1-  Unzip Moom.zip and drag'n'drop the app to your applications folder.
 Step 2-  Unzip the Moom 3.x [SP] patcher and unzip Wrapper.zip.
 Step 3-  Drag'n'drop the Moom 3.x [SP]-app over the Wrapper app. This opens the patcher AND changes your codesign temporarly to version 10.9.4.
 Step 4-  Write your admin password.
 Step 5-  Chose the Moom app from your application folder. A green confirmation should appear.
 Step 6-  Close the patcher. This will close also the Wrapper app and sets your codesign back to 10.9.5 or Yosemite.
 Step 7-  Enjoy Moom Full Version.

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