30 noviembre 2014

Captcha Sniper v.4.4 full crack


This is a 5 day Trial Of Captcha Sniper,we are going to be using a program called Time Stopper to run it forever.
Follow these instructions to the Letter!!!!

1.If you have ever had CaptchaSniper installed before,whether it be a cracked version or not,You need to navigate to C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\ and delete Activelock3.6.dll
2.Run the Included Setup.exe to install Captcha Sniper v4.4(do NOT start the program yet)
3.Copy CaptchaSniper1.0.all to the install directory
4.Install Time Stopper
5.Create Desktop Shortcuts for Captcha Sniper.exe and CSSE.exe using Time Stopper,set the date to 12/10/13 for each.
6.Right click Captcha Sniper.exe in the install directory,and select properties,click compatibility,click change settings for all users at the bottom,and set Captcha Sniper to run in Compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and then Check the box that says Run this program as administrator.
7.Do the same as in step 6 for CSSE.exe.
8.YOUR DONE!! ALWAYS start Captcha Sniper v.4.4 using the Time Stopper Shortcuts you created.

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